Proofed Results for SP2A - Gary Moss Back Selections

Month by Month Breakdown of Proofed Results Based on Advised Stakes

MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20163016.7300.00-31.03-27.19
November 2016365.6360.00-320.50-320.50
October 20168419.0840.00-425.87-410.63
September 201610428.81,070.00177.81346.46
August 201612326.01,920.00-375.77-312.12
July 201613827.53,420.00196.35334.36
June 201612621.43,141.00-562.99-490.75
May 201612829.73,170.00775.37866.63
April 201616529.73,970.00-31.1373.88
March 20168524.72,120.0016.0680.06
February 20167222.21,800.00-439.46-416.10
January 20167418.91,950.00-631.22-619.00
Total for 2016116524.724,061.0-1,652.38-894.90
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20156830.91,710.00844.66966.87
November 20155420.41,350.00-409.50-398.65
October 20157031.41,740.00506.84565.83
September 20157024.31,740.00-196.75-172.47
August 20159825.52,480.00423.06634.17
July 20157222.21,840.00-569.50-544.27
June 20157628.91,910.00483.86545.54
May 20156921.71,720.00-15.2028.80
April 20155440.71,360.00238.65263.61
March 20152015.0470.00-117.82-117.82
February 20154738.31,170.001,005.261,093.59
January 20158121.02,030.00-190.32-163.82
Total for 201577926.819,520.02,003.242,701.38
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20145815.51,440.00-151.54-84.54
November 20145630.41,400.00-7.040.14
October 20144829.21,175.0037.1541.85
September 20146431.31,610.00207.90257.21
August 20146627.31,650.0014.3280.91
July 20145626.81,400.003.2636.45
June 20148923.62,210.00122.13148.48
May 20147230.61,810.00434.72439.70
April 20144928.61,220.00310.18314.41
March 20142536.0640.00-29.28-17.92
February 20143026.7750.0024.9450.00
January 20142218.2550.00-223.40-222.87
Total for 201463526.915,855.0743.341,043.82
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20137518.71,870.00-760.64-758.57
November 201312838.33,145.00804.88923.81
October 2013466.51,150.00-809.98-809.98
Total for 201324926.56,165.0-765.74-644.74

Bets = Number of selections provided
SR% = Percentage Success Rate. i.e. number of profitable selections / number of selections
Stakes = Total number of points staked on selections
SP Profit = Total number of points profit/loss based on Starting Price (SP)
BSP Profit = Total points profit/loss based on Betfair Starting Prices. For years prior to 2008, odds of 15% above SP are used. The figures assume a commission rate of 5% on all winning bets. This is an upper amount and will reduce the more bets you place with Betfair. You can see the effect of varying the assumed commission % by looking at the Full Proofed Results (see link above).

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Services can be classed as linked for a number of reasons. It can be selections are provided from the same web site, or a different web site registered to the same person. Sometimes it's because more than one service is proofed by a web company that provide white lable tipster sites. Linked services may still be proofing selections or maybe a previous service that no longer actively proofs.