Betting Exchanges

Matched betting exchanges act as the middle man allowing customers to bet against each other. You can back a selection to win, lay it to lose or trade the odds, by backing and laying the same horse at different odds. They also allow you to bet in-running during a race.

Betfair Exchange

Betfair is the market leader with the highest turnover of bets:

  • Betfair SPs return better odds than industry SPs
  • Commission of 2 - 5% of your net winnings
  • The more you bet the less commission you pay.
  • New customers receive £20 free bet.
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One of the world's leading betting exchanges:

  • 2% Commission on Trading Tools, for the rest of the year. Use Promo Code TT2P
  • New customers receive your first month's commission back as Cash up to £1,000 (Promo Code DAQBACK)
  • Bet £100 or more on Multiples from Monday - Thursday and get a £10 free Multiples Bet
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