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Backing performance comparison for period 19th December 2017 to 18th January 2018
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitPOT%VBP
Smarttips - Power Punt22826.8-8.4316.567.3562
Racing Oracle.com4228.647.4472.58172.8383
SP2A - Robin Taylor4143.929.9040.6899.2371
Speedy Equines Exclusive Meet17129.2-0.987.004.1370
2020 Racing17218.6-19.97-1.97-1.1366
Each Way Winners7829.5-1.159.2611.9360
Simply The Best Horses3046.727.6533.74112.5352
Bet Dispute - Racing7136.613.2720.8229.3294
AJ Tips5930.56.1814.6824.9288
Racing Connections - Gameplan6338.11.935.168.2236
Peter Raymond Racing3318.22.256.2919.1210 Best Bets2532.019.6343.20172.8186 Layer Slayer3635.0-82.0026.487.3168
Bet Alchemist2729.69.4815.5857.7163
SP2A The Phillipa System4729.80.7313.4128.5138
A Racing First2931.013.3415.8154.5131
SP2A - Work Watcher1526.70.632.1314.2118
Daily Patent NAP2045.07.478.5242.6115
SOP Long Nose Racing - Sys 31910.511.0021.02110.6101
Quickened Clear2520.015.2518.2773.1101
Horse Racing Tips Online3318.2-5.80-2.60-7.966
Equine Expert12528.8-11.84-6.52-5.258
2020 Racing HSR2138.1-1.23-0.82-3.922
Tipalgo - Each Way Lucky 156616.7-10.25-5.35-8.119
SP2A DC Tipping2839.3-0.380.692.515
Tipalgo - Long Shot Tips1507.3-3.8352.5535.08
Tycoon Private2321.
SP2A Valueman1827.8-8.10-5.24-29.1-24
Bet To Be Placed128.3-1.002.3719.8-32
Daily Patent6132.80.091.893.1-49
Investment Betting6334.9-9.63-7.17-11.4-49
Dons Daily Tips5335.84.116.7212.7-55
Tipalgo - Long Shot of the Day1711.8-7.50-7.11-41.8-64
SP2A - Place Spotter3020.0-9.65-6.40-21.3-66
Ram Tips2015.0-7.35-7.10-35.5-68
Tic Tac Tips2025.0-3.17-1.98-9.9-71
Tipalgo - Each Way Double3112.9-10.00-9.06-29.2-80
FRT Little Earner1729.4-7.45-6.40-37.6-84
Horse Exchange Betting Tips3520.0-0.962.798.0-87
Betting Rant - The Syndicate7324.7-12.43-8.36-11.5-94
SP2A Shuker Racing1637.5-5.91-5.13-32.1-138
The Tipster Guru1612.5-9.60-9.74-60.9-148
SP2A - The Advisor339.1-25.50-24.45-74.1-155
Oddswise Racing6911.6-25.50-21.96-31.8-159
Worldwide Tipping Services6116.42.5918.1329.7-162
Cheek Pieces4117.1-13.96-11.88-29.0-172
FRT Premium Tip1816.7-4.00-2.95-16.4-193
The Tip Advisor7934.2-2.322.282.9-229
Tipalgo - Win Double3122.6-12.64-12.00-38.7-235
Infinite Sports Inv - Pro Service16514.5-32.42-18.24-11.1-241
SP2A The Gravy Train3613.9-27.70-26.22-72.8-263
SP2A - 2015 Elite Service405.0-34.80-33.78-84.5-278
Ace Tips22814.5-98.54-44.47-19.5-279
Pace Tips71218.5-96.65-9.48-1.3-285
Northern Monkey Punter6622.7-24.60-20.28-30.7-289
Tipalgo - Bet of the Day1711.8-12.89-12.81-75.4-314
Stable Winners7010.0-33.50-29.04-41.5-358
Tipalgo - Ratings Top Tips4415.9-25.80-24.66-56.0-401
Autobetting 1728810.4-30.5018.556.4-405
FRT Gold5920.3-24.09-21.91-37.1-479
Tipalgo - Lucky 318211.0-43.75-41.22-50.3-532
Live From The Course258.0-20.50-20.39-81.6-557
Tipalgo - Lucky 638913.5-40.87-37.87-42.6-658
FRT Lucky157213.9-39.56-39.01-54.2-717
Tipalgo - Goliath Tips11926.9-39.59-36.09-30.3-813
Tipalgo - Combined Tips20428.9-62.06-55.01-27.0-1144
Tipalgo - Daily Ratings98819.4-209.88-130.63-13.2-2378
The following started proofing after 19th December 2017
Smart Horse Racing Tip1540.011.1813.5490.3163
The following have proofed less than 10 selections since 19th December 2017
Progressive Punter933.32.753.3337.047
Newmarket Talk250.01.501.6180.540
SOP Long Nose Racing - Sys 2520.03.004.1783.426
SP2A - All Weather20.0-2.00-2.00-100.0-15
James Boyle Racing20.0-2.00-2.00-100.0-21
Bovis Bets520.0-3.33-3.28-65.6-114

SR% = Success Rate % (e.g. an each-way bet that returns a profit is classed as a success even if the horse doesn't win the race).
SP Profit = Total profit to 1 point level stakes, based on Starting Prices.
BSP Profit = Total profit to 1 point level stakes based on Betfair Starting Prices.
POT% = Profit On Turnover (BSP Profit / Total Staked)
VBP = Variable Bet Profits based on Betfair SPs.

When betting on Betfair you'll need to take into account the commission they charge, between 2 - 5%. Enter a value to see the effect commission has on performance. The figures in the above table assume commission of 5%.

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