Proofed Results for SP2A - 5 Star Flutter Back Selections

Month by Month Breakdown of Proofed Results Based on Advised Stakes

MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
November 20146717.91,510.00-270.83-253.58
October 20147817.91,950.00-333.60-316.04
September 20147623.71,900.00321.32410.20
August 20146021.71,500.00-107.78-74.32
July 20148220.72,020.00-274.52-253.32
June 201413625.03,250.00-11.9992.18
May 20145022.0830.00-97.50-62.50
April 20146926.11,560.00-123.14-101.19
March 20148818.22,099.00-500.82-416.51
February 20146020.01,500.00-370.62-359.79
January 20146227.41,550.00-196.94-173.01
Total for 201482822.019,669.0-1,966.42-1,507.88
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20138821.62,200.00-649.76-619.23
November 201318119.94,450.00-1,386.53-1,292.31
October 201311625.92,900.0078.18126.95
September 201311629.32,909.001,074.221,244.63
August 201329026.97,100.00-227.72172.70
July 201320219.84,900.00-1,293.11-1,237.33
June 201325520.06,330.00-1,790.07-1,679.22
May 201310226.52,430.00-45.37-33.68
April 201315623.73,840.00-837.33-803.64
March 201322524.05,520.00-386.36-284.32
February 20137830.81,820.00-79.20-37.70
January 20138622.12,000.00-566.79-519.41
Total for 2013189523.746,399.0-6,109.84-4,962.56
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 201217631.84,020.00-162.26-112.56
November 201223127.35,510.00596.17918.58
October 201219326.44,980.00-787.89-664.40
September 201219526.24,620.00915.801,096.56
August 201214231.73,500.00483.55527.08
July 201213922.31,830.00-568.90-456.75
June 201211130.63,660.00-326.02-71.52
May 201213633.81,790.00-244.84-194.52
April 201215523.92,030.00-603.30-484.59
March 201224023.83,110.00-415.57-94.23
February 201211133.31,120.00-31.488.93
January 201219327.52,820.00-36.93226.95
Total for 2012202227.738,990.0-1,181.67699.53
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 201120633.02,060.00-8.8695.18
November 201110729.91,420.0014.21111.12
October 20118232.91,610.00-298.27-175.57
September 20116636.41,260.00294.90384.31
August 20113636.1720.003.1341.91
July 20111936.8380.00211.63393.68
Total for 201151633.17,450.0216.74850.63

Bets = Number of selections provided
SR% = Percentage Success Rate. i.e. number of profitable selections / number of selections
Stakes = Total number of points staked on selections
SP Profit = Total number of points profit/loss based on Starting Price (SP)
BSP Profit = Total points profit/loss based on Betfair Starting Prices. For years prior to 2008, odds of 15% above SP are used. The figures assume a commission rate of 5% on all winning bets. This is an upper amount and will reduce the more bets you place with Betfair. You can see the effect of varying the assumed commission % by looking at the Full Proofed Results (see link above).

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Services can be classed as linked for a number of reasons. It can be selections are provided from the same web site, or a different web site registered to the same person. Sometimes it's because more than one service is proofed by a web company that provide white lable tipster sites. Linked services may still be proofing selections or maybe a previous service that no longer actively proofs.