A lively forum on horse racing and sports betting that’s been running since 2000. Has some interesting discussions and is well supported by a knowledgeable bunch of people.

The main topic is general discussion about all things horse racing related. This is where the majority of comments are posted, including lively threads on ITV’s coverage of racing, why Frankel will rule the world and one where members take it in turn to pose a horse racing trivia question, the person who gets it right is invited to ask the next question.

Other topics include: Big Races Discussion, the Cheltenham Festival, racing competitions, tipping and research (where members can post their tips), general sports discussion and memorials. They also have a lounge section, where members make posts on seemingly any topic.

2 Responses to “The Racing Forum”

  1. Bob mcardle says:

    I am trying to establish correct times of races.
    my problem being for example going corrections for race times.
    example +0.03 per furl . is it telling me its +.03 per furl or I add .03 per furl.
    I’m also confused because I read in a book you should treat plus as minus and vice versa.
    cheers confused Robbie

    • Steve Adams says:

      Hi Robbie, Not really the right place to pose your question. May I suggest you follow the link to The Racing Forum web site and post it there:-)

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