Horse Racing Forums

Punters Lounge

Betting forum that includes sections on horse racing, football and poker. Amongst other things they discus systems, strategies and have competitions with prizes each month.

Horse Racing Forums

The Racing Forum

A lively forum on horse racing and sports betting that's been running since 2000. Has some interesting discussions and is well supported by a knowledgeable bunch of people.

Horse Racing Forums


Sports betting community forum that hosts free to enter tipster competitions, with monthly prize money. Their forum includes specific threads for betting on horse racing, greyhounds, football and other major sports.

Horse Racing Forums

Talking Horses

Lively forum providing general chat on horse racing and other sports.

Horse Racing Forums


Betting forum that includes topics on a range of sports, including horse racing, UK football and golf.

UK Betting Tips

Message forum that includes threads on horse racing chat, news, tips, Systems and articles. It also includes discussions related to betting on other sports.

Group Racers

Horse racing forum that requires registration to view points. Main discussion surrounds "Daily Racing", where they have several members, who post selections daily (judging by other members comments the tips perform well).

OH Racing Forum

Includes sections on tips, systems, and general discussions. They're also starting a tipping league.

The UK Betting Forum

Building a community to work together to beat the bookies. New members are encouraged to take part in discussions and not just sit back and read what is being posted.

Fat Jockey

Active horse racing forum with a good friendly atmosphere amongst the users. Their Cheltenham Festival message area is particularly active.

Horse Racing Forums

Enigma Racing

Paid horse racing forum that provides exclusive access to a wide range of tipping threads, plus racehorse share ownership scheme.

Horse Racing Forums

The horse box

Friendly message forum concentrating mainly on horse racing, but also including threads on other sports. In order to view posts you'll need to register as a member.

Horse Racing Forums


Message board providing UK and Ireland horse racing tips and analysis. They also include discussion on Ante Post, Lays, Systems and Proofing, plus greyhound racing and sports betting.

The Racing Oracle

Small online forum for horse racing and football. Topics revolve mainly around monthly tipping competitions, betting tips and advice, plus general chat.