Friendly message forum concentrating mainly on horse racing, but also including threads on other sports. In order to view posts you’ll need to register as a member.

At the time of writing they didn’t have that many members, but they’re actively looking to increase numbers.

The forum includes a private R&D area, for members to develop their systems, with the assistance of others. This area is hidden from members who don’t post, so you’ll need to make a certain number of helpful posts, before you can gain access.

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  1. Bill says:

    I have been a member since the early days, I have left and been welcomed back by Michael several times. This place is very relaxed, perhaps, too much so, but can be a great one to try.
    There is no dross as I like to call those inane remarks found at some places, the postings I have always found encouraging and helpful and after just 5 posts there will be access to all areas and a warm welcome is assured.
    If you have any ideas you want to share and expand I like to think we will do our best to assist.
    Myself this past little while have started delving into overseas racing including the Americas, RSA, Arabia and Australia and I am amazed at the high percentage of winners which are coming my way. No secrets, it’s all there for you to help yourself.


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