Horse Race Tipping Service operated by The Sporting Chance Partnership. They have a number of tipsters who provide selections, these include:  “Place Spotters“, “The Judge“, “Bayards“, “The Irishman” and “Gary Moss“.

Tips are available on either an  “Odds To” basis, where you pay when they have a winning bet, “Pay & Display”, where you pay a regular subscription up front, or Phone/SMS text, where you pay a premium rate charge for the tips messages you receive.


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  1. Dave says:

    I have used this service for a 6 months as a result of racing index proofing and it is very solid and reliable with a consistent profit and a nice range of prices from about 5/1 upwards and excellent explanation for tips and great customer service.

  2. martin says:

    i have recieved tips from sp2a since february i have monitored the tips for may they are like the previous 2 months fing pathetic 41 horses tipped so far in may 3 wins 7 placed please do not touch this lot with a barge pole they rshite just lay any tips they give you and you will be much better off i am stuck with this shite for another 9 fing months

    • Ian says:


      If you would care to make yourself known to me at the usual address (info@sp2a.co.uk) and confirm your name and subscription, I will send you an immediate refund.

      I would point out that we do not currently have anyone subscribed for the period you indicate with the name “Martin” and nor do the results you quote tally with actual proofed results. Furthermore re-subscription rates in the period you refer to have been over 80% which somewhat goes against the grain of your comment.

      We are however honest and transparent, so maybe you would like to contact us to discuss the matter

  3. Steve Adams says:

    @bigjohnbuilder the comments section is supposed to be for subscribers to comment about your service, NOT for you to comment about you own service, which is known as Astroturfing. See http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=astroturfing

  4. bigjohnbuilder says:

    Despite the odd poor week all the services give me a nice consistent profit especially as I do Lucky 31’s and 63’s on the Daily tips and the Saturday Flutter.

    What sets this service apart though is the customer service which is WORLD CLASS..


  5. bigjohnbuilder says:

    Been a member now for almost 12 months.

    I follow 3 of their tipsters The Nugget,The Judge and Bayard and make a nice steady consistent profit.

    Their Saturday service – 5 Star Flutter – has given me 26 profitable weeks out of 30 weeks in total and is cheap and affordable (£60 FOR 5 Saturdays).

    The best aspect of all though is their customer service – always able to talk to you and always answer e-mails and the weekly blog they do free to all members throws up TONS of helpful information.

    Highly recommended together with Herbie Foggs service

  6. MichaelAllen says:

    5/5 Excellent Tipsters and EXCELLENT Customer service too – nothing is too much trouble.

    I started off with a FREE trail,have since enrolled for a month,and now 6 months and joined their GOLD SEAL service which has so far given me 8 winners out of 9 tips all at good odds.

    I have joined many services over 20 plus years never found one this consistently good and enjoyable too

  7. bigjohnbuilder says:

    I joined this service 5 months ago.

    It has made a profit every month and the overall service is excellent and ideal for my needs as a working guy.

    I would recommend them to anyone who wants serious consistent good tips.

  8. chrisgreen899 says:

    Well researched, interesting site. I’ll watch this one with interest and definately different to the norm!

  9. BirminghamBlues says:

    I have been a member of this service since it launched a few weeks ago.I was promised some free tips and not only was I provided with them by free SMS text but when the racing was abandoned on Boxing Day without asking I got an e-mail telling me I would have free tips for the rearranged King George and Welsh Nationals.I have had some bad tipster experiences but these guys are attentive,professional,profitable and courteous.The site is excellent as is the “members lounge” which you can enter for free just by registering as a member.
    Of course the success of any site like this is the consistency and longevity of winning tips but so far 5/5 EXCELLENT! well worth a look for any punter like me!

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