Providing the selections from a number of sports betting tipsters. The sports they cover are: Horse racing, football, tennis, basketball, rugby, US football, ice hockey and baseball.

The services for each of the tipsters, featured on their site, are run independently via a separate subscription. With 7 day free trials available. They record the bets for each of the tipsters and produce statistics and graphs to show how each have performed.

In the past they’ve proofed the following tipsters to Racing-Index:

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  1. Gary says:

    Much improved since a change of Ownership in 2014. However, much better for soccer and other sports than Horse Racing, which I dont think they really understand (based in Albania). Excellent website and customer service and a few good horse tipsters like Arun Lakey and Malcolm Offord, some Racing Index favourites were on the Bet Advisor platform like Bet Alchemist and Work Watcher but left despite excellent performance on Bet Advisor website. A must for football probably a miss for horses.

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