Horse Racing Systems


Horse Betting Racing System

Ebook titled "How To 'Place Bet' on Favourites for a living". The system can be applied to any gallop horse race in the world and takes only 10-20 minutes to use on any race day.


Set of online tools to help with your horse racing research and study, including indepth analysis of every horse race in the UK and Ireland since January 1997, plus create your own systems and ratings.

Racing Bet Data

Historical horse racing results data, for 90 race courses, going back to 2002. Provide free basic membership, to start accessing their data, or upgrade to receive full member privileges.

My Mathematical Formula

Devised for horse racing in Australia, but the main essence is the "Diabolical Staking Plan", which can be adapted to UK horse racing. You'll need a selection method that can generate an 80% strike rate.

Horse Racing Systems UK

27 horse racing betting system's designed to help you get the edge over the bookie. Each system is explained in detail with step by step instructions.


Betting system designed to improve your betting, by getting you to think and bet like a professional or bookmaker.

Low Risk Wagers

"Don't Lose Your Shirt" Ebook and software package providing system for low risk bets.

The Secret System

"Bet Wealth" horse racing and other betting systems.

Uncle Ernie

Statistical system based on the performance of trainers. System available for £20, or subscribe and you will receive recommendation for the days racing, sent out by email or SMS.

The Perfect Racing System

System for flat and NH racing that uses 13 rules in conjunction with the Racing Post, to make selections.

Racing Investment

Statistically formulated racing system, titled "The Balay System" provided as downloadable ebook.

Favourite Backer

Free horse racing system ebook containing the Favourite backer system.

Reverse Forecast System

Selection method they say takes5 - 10 minutes each day to come up with reverse forecast bets.

Star Horse System

Simple backing system for all weather racing, which will take around 10 - 15 minutes each day to workout the day's selections.

Racing Winners

Ebook explaining their horse racing backing method, it includes the betting rules, selection criteria, money management, financial discipline and profit compounding. They also run a subscription service that provides tips based upon the methodology outlined in the ebook.

Power Pts Pro

A system, which they say requires no experience to use. It requires no form study and can identify selections using either the Sporting Life or free part of the Racing Post web site.

Racing Success

Selection method for backing horses to win, in selected handicap races in the UK. Selections are backed via either the betting exchanges or bookmakers, when the minimum odds are met.

The Horse Race System

This is marketed as a staking system that can be used on UK, US or any racing you can find, so not sure what the monthly subscription pays for.

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