Betting Exchange Bots


BF Bot Manager

Official Betfair API solution that comes with 3 automated bots and a ladder control for manual betting any of Betfair's markets. It offers a complete bot management system that allows you to bet or trade on any Betfair market.

Geeks Toy

Betting and trading application for Betfair, Betdaq or Matchbook, allows you to see exchange prices in real time and place, amend and cancel bets with a single click.

Bet Angel

Basic and professional software for use on the betting exchanges. It enables you to place bets faster, more efficiently and with more complexity than using the traditional exchange interfaces.


Provide betting exchange trading software (using the Betfair API). MTPro is a transactional interface to Betfair markets. Chromaweb MT is a non-transactional application to chart your selections from all Betfair markets.

Market Feeder Pro

Software based on Betfair API that enables traders to monitor markets, make and cancel bets on the spot, save historical data and maintain conditional betting.


Software that automatically lays horses and greyhounds on Betfair. It can be set to either lay the favourite or specific selections. They offer a free 48 hour trial of the software.

Gruss Software

Betting Assistant software for use with Betfair. Includes one click betting on all 3 back and lay prices, dutching stakes automatically calculated and triggered betting from Excel. 30 day free trial version available.


Companion site for the book "Automatic Exchange Betting". Also Smartform racing database, with 5 years historic results for UK and Irish racing, can be used to research winning methods and back testing for profitability, creating ratings and automating the output as an oddsline or system selections.

Racing Traders

BetTrader browser-based Betfair sports trading software application that displays live Betfair markets, enabling bets to be placed bets faster than via the Betfair website.

The Bet Engine

Fully automated betting bot for horse racing and greyhound racing that can run up to 10 independent betting systems at a time. Subscription varies depending upon number of systems. 7 Day free trial available for 2 systems.

Grey Horse Bot

Betfair approved software for automated betting on horse racing, greyhounds, football, cricket, snooker and tennis. You can set the bot up so that it automatically places bets based on the criteria that you give it, or you can use the betting strategies they provide as a bonus.


Advanced Cymatic Trader software enables fast bet placement and management for Betfair.

Bet Grail

Automated software for betting on horse racing and other sports events. They currently offer 2 programs; "BetMarket Trader" and "BetMarket Scanner".

Binteko Software

FairBot is software that provides an enhanced betting interface to Betfair. It allows you to place single bets, or trade on Betfair instantly, using just one mouse click. Free 15 day trial.

Bet Gizmo

Betfair trading software, developed by Betfair traders. Includes trading ladder, in-play grid and weight of money indicators. They offer a 30 day free trial of the software.


Staking plan software that automates placing your bets on Betfair. You leave Betsender running on your machine and it will calculate your bets according to a staking plan and place them on Betfair. At the time we looked it had 13 backing and 10 laying staking plans available.


Horse Racing Arbitrage software that finds arbitrage bets on the UK and Irish horse racing markets. The software scans all the racing markets for the day and gathers the latest odds from Betfair and bookmakers sites.


Automated conditional betting software for placing back or lay bets on horse racing and greyhounds. It provides the option to apply staking plans, select ordered favourites or simply choose your own selection manually.

Horse Racing