Horse Racing Software


BF Bot Manager

Official Betfair API solution that comes with 3 automated bots and a ladder control for manual betting any of Betfair's markets. It offers a complete bot management system that allows you to bet or trade on any Betfair market.

The Staking Machine

Bet tracker and staking calculator software application. The program will analyse your historical bets and calculate the best staking plan for your style of betting.


Horse race analysis and form ratings software. They provide automatic daily updates, so there's no need for manual entry of data. They provide a free demo version of the program.


Horse racing app that's ideal for beginners and those who haven't got the time to study horse racing form. It's available via the App Store, Google Play, Amazon and also via their web site.


Software that enables the user to create systems, from over 60 data items, to filter horses that meet their specified requirements.


Ratings software that includes racecards, positives and negatives of a race, draw Analysis, system research assistant and loads more reports, statistics and printouts.


Visual Form-Book with daily updates. Provides access to racecards, results, speed and handicap ratings. Plus details of breeding, course info, draw bias, trainer and jockey stats. It will also give forecasts with statistical odds.

Pro Punter Package

Horse racing toolkit that includes speed rating software, form rating software, bet tracking spreadsheets and a guide book that provides betting systems, methods and techniques.


Staking plan software that automates placing your bets on Betfair. You leave Betsender running on your machine and it will calculate your bets according to a staking plan and place them on Betfair. At the time we looked it had 13 backing and 10 laying staking plans available.

Horse Racing Pick Six

Exotabetpick 6 software for horse racing, can be used for bets on the tote jackpot and scoop6 in the UK. The software fetches odds, distributes runners into 3 categories and creates multiple tickets, which can be reduced using filters.

Millards Professional Gambling Software

Offer a range of horse racing software including "Punters Paymaster" a dutching calculator, "Punters Blueprint" a horse racing forecast program and "Punters Laymaster" laying horses on the betting exchanges.

UK Horse Racing Analyser

Horse racing analysis software that uses statistical data analysis, to predict the outcome for 20 UK flat and national hunt races each day. The software includes a dutching bet calculator.


Horse tracking app for UK and Irish races, available for iPhone, iPod and iPad. You can track a horse, a jockey or both together. Filters can be included for when a horse runs at a certain course or distance.

Sports Betting Calculator

Bet calculate that can be used to work out your betting returns on all of the most popular bet types. They also provide a bet stake calculator and an odds converter that converts between fractional, decimal and American odds.

Betting Tools

Information on betting tools (including their own betting and trading tools) and resources. They also run a monthly tipster competition, with cash prizes available.

DM Rater Pro

Horse place selector spreadsheet software that will work with Excel or Open Office. The data required can be obtained from the non members areas of the Racing Post site.

Bet Bind

Provide a way to keep track of bets for sports, casino, poker and bingo. Help reveal trends, and see what works well and what doesn't.

Lottery and Racing Systems

A range of software for the lottery, football, horse racing and greyhound systems. Programs are sold either individually or in bundles.

Horse Racing