Coventry Stakes

The Coventry Stakes is a 2 year old group 2 race over 6 furlongs run during the Royal Ascot meeting.

The race was first run in 1890 and was named after George Coventry, the 9th Earl of Coventry.

The race was upgraded to Group 2 status in 2004, previously having been a Group 3 race.

Past Results

2019 - 17 ran
1ArizonaA P O'BrienR L Moore15/8f
2ThreatR HannonTom Marquand4/1
3GuildsmanArchie WatsonOisin Murphy6/1
4Fort MyersA P O'BrienD O'Brien16/1
2018 - 23 ran
1CalyxJ H M GosdenL Dettori2/1f
2AdvertiseM MeadeOisin Murphy10/1
3Sergei ProkofievA P O'BrienR L Moore3/1
4VangeR A FaheyS De Sousa25/1
2017 - 18 ran
1RajasingheRichard SpencerS Donohoe11/1
2HeadwayW J HaggasP Cosgrave33/1
3MurilloA P O'BrienR L Moore8/1
4Brother BearMrs J HarringtonC O'Donoghue4/1f
2016 - 18 ran
1Caravaggio A P O'BrienR L Moore13/8f
2Mehmas R HannonL Dettori8/1
3Psychedelic Funk G M LyonsC T Keane9/2
4Medieval P F I ColeJ P Spencer25/1
2015 - 17 ran
1Buratino M JohnstonW Buick6/1
2Air Force Blue A P O'BrienR L Moore7/2
3Eltezam R HannonL Dettori12/1
4Beaverbrook M JohnstonJames Doyle33/1
2014 - 15 ran
1The Wow Signal J J QuinnL Dettori5/1j
2Cappella SanseveroG M LyonsJ P Spencer6/1
3Jungle Cat M JohnstonJ Fanning12/1
2013 - 15 ran
1War Command A P O'BrienJ A Heffernan20/1
2Parbold R A FaheyT Hamilton16/1
3Sir John Hawkins A P O'BrienR L Moore6/1
2012 - 22 ran
1Dawn Approach J S BolgerK J Manning7/2
2Olympic Glory R HannonDane O'Neill20/1
3Cristoforo ColomboA P O'BrienJ P O'Brien13/2
4Sir Prancealot R HannonR Hughes3/1
2011 - 23 ran
1PowerA P O'BrienR L Moore4/1
2Roman Soldier J NosedaG Baker10/1
3St BarthsB J MeehanMartin Dwyer14/1
4Lethal Force C G CoxA Kirby50/1
2010 - 13 ran
1Strong Suit R HannonR Hughes15/8
2Elzaam M A JarvisR Hills3/1
3Roayh Saeed SuroorL Dettori22/1
2009 - 13 ran
1Canford Cliffs R HannonR Hughes7/4
2Xtension C G CoxA Kirby20/1
3Rakaan B J MeehanJ P Spencer28/1
2008 - 18 ran
1Art Connoisseur M L W BellJ P Spencer8/1
2Intense Focus J S BolgerK J Manning12/1
3Lord Shanakill K R BurkeD Sweeney12/1
4Himalya J NosedaS Sanders13/2
2007 - 20 ran
1HenrythenavigatorA P O'BrienM J Kinane11/4
2Swiss FrancD R C ElsworthT E Durcan25/1
3Luck Money P F I ColeT Quinn13/2
4Pencil Hill Tracey CollinsP Shanahan6/1
2006 - 21 ran
1HellvelynB SmartT E Durcan4/1
2Major CadeauxR HannonR Hughes11/2
3TariqP W Chapple-HyamA Munro12/1
4Kalgoorlie J NosedaS W Kelly66/1
2005 - 14 ran
1Red Clubs B W HillsM Hills11/2
2Pacific PrideJ Howard JohnsonR Winston66/1
3Amadeus WolfK A RyanN Callan9/1
2004 - 13 ran
1IcemanJ H M GosdenK Fallon5/1
2Council Member Saeed bin SuroorL Dettori5/1
3Capable Guest M R ChannonC Catlin33/1
2003 - 13 ran
1Three Valleys R CharltonR Hughes7/1
2Botanical D R LoderL Dettori7/2
3Privy Seal J H M GosdenJ Fortune20/1
2002 - 16 ran
1Statue Of LibertyA P O'BrienM J Kinane5/2
2Pakhoes D K WeldP J Smullen16/1
3Kawagino Mrs P DutfieldP Doe33/1
4Coconut Penang B MillmanS Drowne7/1
2001 - 20 ran
1LandseerA P O'BrienJ P Spencer20/1
2FirebreakI BaldingK Fallon14/1
3Meshaheer D R LoderL Dettori2/1
4RedbackR HannonR Hughes20/1
2000 - 12 ran
1Cd Europe M R ChannonS Drowne8/1
2Bram Stoker R HannonR Hughes4/1
3Modigliani A P O'BrienM J Kinane7/2