Proofed Results for Pointing The Way Back Selections

Month by Month Breakdown of Proofed Results Based on Advised Stakes

MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
May 2021366.7300.00340.91491.16
April 202130.0300.00-300.00-300.00
March 20216538.54,800.00958.321,464.07
February 20216134.43,950.00-416.73-151.81
January 20214831.33,500.00-573.23-317.78
Total for 202118035.012,850.09.271,185.64
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20201947.41,250.001,082.481,093.44
November 20203420.62,350.00-940.66-840.01
October 20207234.74,110.003,088.806,972.56
September 202040.0200.00-200.00-200.00
March 20201414.31,300.00-1,070.06-1,066.75
February 20203441.22,150.001,341.132,087.84
January 20205922.04,450.00-925.04-743.17
Total for 202023629.715,810.02,376.657,303.91
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20196134.44,300.00768.551,086.50
November 20196227.43,500.00-231.396.66
October 20193218.81,370.00-667.62-634.61
Total for 201915528.49,170.0-130.46458.55

Bets = Number of selections provided
SR% = Percentage Success Rate. i.e. number of profitable selections / number of selections
Stakes = Total number of points staked on selections
SP Profit = Total number of points profit/loss based on Starting Price (SP)
BSP Profit = Total points profit/loss based on Betfair Starting Prices. For years prior to 2008, odds of 15% above SP are used. The figures assume a commission rate of 5% on all winning bets. This is an upper amount and will reduce the more bets you place with Betfair. You can see the effect of varying the assumed commission % by looking at the Full Proofed Results (see link above).