Proofed Results for Cheek Pieces Back Selections

Month by Month Breakdown of Proofed Results Based on Advised Stakes

MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
October 20212817.927.50-1.052.58
September 20217227.869.5011.4617.81
August 20215433.352.000.791.37
July 20217028.664.00-2.880.41
June 20214626.
May 20215925.454.2528.3141.67
April 20215416.752.75-22.81-21.22
March 20216412.556.50-15.64-13.98
February 20212825.027.002.355.05
January 20212433.324.008.089.49
Total for 202149924.4467.58.8045.61
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20203432.436.0022.2125.74
November 20203630.633.5027.9438.89
October 20204524.434.509.4014.99
September 20205925.469.00-20.60-17.96
August 20204920.458.50-20.27-17.97
July 20207714.3100.50-21.94-14.20
June 20205525.551.50-1.994.79
March 20203938.559.50-5.33-2.12
February 20204226.249.75-1.073.68
January 20203622.235.50-12.69-11.51
Total for 202047224.8528.3-24.3424.33
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20193417.636.50-9.50-5.04
November 20194825.047.853.758.69
October 20194119.563.40-28.42-28.64
September 2019424.850.50-46.77-46.49
August 20195927.159.25-4.66-0.33
July 20194526.755.50-14.56-11.63
June 20194734.065.005.0810.81
May 20194816.767.00-29.75-28.56
April 20194615.254.00-24.90-21.84
March 20195516.474.00-32.00-31.25
February 20192626.934.00-4.50-3.54
January 20194223.855.008.5313.49
Total for 201953321.2662.0-177.70-144.33
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20184924.563.009.4917.57
November 20184119.554.0010.1031.17
October 20182429.227.0012.6517.19
September 20185024.064.00-15.47-14.37
August 20185523.673.00-6.98-2.16
July 20184126.856.0020.0834.84
June 20185619.6100.0011.8851.49
May 20185320.889.00-36.92-33.19
April 20182420.825.00-3.74-3.39
March 20184223.871.00-5.82-4.39
February 20183135.550.0013.5617.35
January 20183517.142.00-22.36-21.53
Total for 201850123.4714.0-13.5390.58
MonthBetsSR%StakedSP ProfitBSP Profit
December 20174415.949.00-12.00-6.36
November 20172931.030.005.6710.36
October 20173724.344.0011.5816.57
September 20173112.934.00-9.50-5.25
August 20175721.163.0021.5830.97
July 20176126.280.006.6214.12
June 20174219.066.00-22.57-21.03
May 20175623.273.008.7614.47
April 20175916.9110.0018.8147.46
March 20172718.547.00-0.504.92
Total for 201744321.0596.028.45106.23

Bets = Number of selections provided
SR% = Percentage Success Rate. i.e. number of profitable selections / number of selections
Stakes = Total number of points staked on selections
SP Profit = Total number of points profit/loss based on Starting Price (SP)
BSP Profit = Total points profit/loss based on Betfair Starting Prices. For years prior to 2008, odds of 15% above SP are used. The figures assume a commission rate of 5% on all winning bets. This is an upper amount and will reduce the more bets you place with Betfair. You can see the effect of varying the assumed commission % by looking at the Full Proofed Results (see link above).

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Services can be classed as linked for a number of reasons. It can be selections are provided from the same web site, or a different web site registered to the same person. Sometimes it's because more than one service is proofed by a web company that provide white lable tipster sites. Linked services may still be proofing selections or maybe a previous service that no longer actively proofs.