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Information from Bet Horses To Lose about their service

Selections for this service are not currently being proofed to Racing-Index.
Bet Horses To Lose

Proofed Results for Bet Horses To Lose Lay Selections

Month by Month Breakdown of Proofed Results Based on 1 Point Level Stakes

April 20101580.015.00-0.22
March 20103372.733.00-3.21
February 20103479.434.00-1.61
January 20103677.836.00-0.74
Total for 201011877.1118.0-5.78
December 20091758.817.00-4.79
November 20092982.829.000.82
October 20093677.836.00-1.44
September 20093090.030.002.75
August 20093580.035.00-0.24
July 20093183.931.00-0.20
June 20094582.245.00-0.66
May 20094678.346.00-0.99
April 20094575.645.00-2.83
March 20093580.035.000.52
February 20093278.132.00-1.17
January 20092080.020.000.36
Total for 200940179.6401.0-7.87
December 20083278.132.00-0.06
November 20082286.422.001.89
October 20082382.623.000.06
September 20081586.715.001.39
August 20083183.931.000.45
July 20083580.035.00-0.35
June 20082479.224.00-0.38
May 20084881.348.000.66
April 20084092.540.004.95
March 20083582.935.000.26
February 20084885.448.001.32
January 20084580.045.00-0.83
Total for 200839883.2398.09.36
December 20077277.872.00-4.52
November 20077279.272.00-3.83
October 20073984.639.001.38
September 20076581.565.00-2.49
August 20077686.876.002.79
July 20076081.760.00-2.70
June 200710584.8105.000.85
May 200712683.3126.00-1.88
April 20076677.366.00-6.44
March 20075383.053.00-0.25
February 20073171.031.00-4.30
January 20074278.642.00-1.44
Total for 200780781.5807.0-22.83

Bets = Number of selections provided
SR% = Percentage Success Rate. i.e. number of profitable selections / number of selections
Staked = Total amount risked on selections, based on amounts entered by the tipster (e.g. a 10 point bet placed at odds of 4/1 would be a stake of 40 points as that is the amount you'd lose if the selection won the race).
Profit = Total points profit/loss. For 2008 onwards Betfair Starting Prices are used. For years prior to that, odds of 15% above SP are used. The figures assume a commission rate of 5% on all winning bets. This is an upper amount and will reduce the more bets you place with Betfair. You can see the effect of varying the assumed commission % by looking at the Full Proofed Results (see link above).

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Services can be classed as linked for a number of reasons. It can be selections are provided from the same web site, or a different web site registered to the same person. Sometimes it's because more than one service is proofed by a web company that provide white lable tipster sites. Linked services may still be proofing selections or maybe a previous service that no longer actively proofs.