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Backing performance comparison for period 1st January 2016 to 22nd September 2021
ServiceBetsSR%SP ProfitBSP ProfitPOT%VBP Best Bets119320.550.88275.4023.11912
2020 Racing HSR146032.1-28.3154.613.71002
Northern Monkey Punter322027.4-157.5079.492.5954
SP2A - Place Spotter163921.2-25.21195.3011.9895
Tic Tac Tips98928.5-38.6514.731.5397
2020 Racing798316.7-972.20-9.15-0.1237
Horse Racing Tips Online171219.0-196.89-85.11-5.0-661 Layer Slayer261705.1-6,831.09-406.05-1.6-809
SP2A - 2015 Elite Service126217.4-227.83-132.64-10.5-817
A Racing First189221.6-320.95-184.88-9.8-1045
Horse Exchange Betting Tips143321.1-187.72-78.73-5.5-1820
Bet Alchemist160025.7-292.41-134.27-8.4-1996
Worldwide Tipping Services352529.5-392.66-175.20-5.0-2754
The following started proofing after 1st January 2016
Cheek Pieces195423.5-184.80-18.11-0.91056
Newmarket Message46434.929.8579.2317.1905
Five Star Flutter415921.0-377.55-14.58-0.4859
Tipalgo - Long Shot of the Day81514.1-48.5761.407.5675
SP2A - The Advisor92421.5-56.379.781.126
RaceBetter - Premium Tips266124.2-237.63-24.80-0.9-11
SP2A - Robin Taylor107522.2-138.78-81.58-7.6-295
PJA Form68423.4-98.28-50.26-7.3-620
PJA Ratings41520.5-106.26-69.27-16.7-738
3 Ticks109128.6-162.07-78.98-7.2-988
SP2A - Mentions316722.5-362.84108.223.4-990
EBR - Diamonds and Gold267733.1-175.74167.756.3-1083
Racing Oracle.com103116.6-162.97-36.54-3.5-1105
Place Profits75969.3-60.89-60.89-8.0-1210
SP2A - Daily Tips408522.1-454.23-56.37-1.4-1218
Tipalgo - Lucky 63490322.2-475.17-79.06-1.6-1391
Tipalgo - Each Way Double162912.7-323.10-138.42-8.5-1845
SP2A - Michael Gould Showcase121520.8-273.92-201.55-16.6-2106
Racing Nation115820.7-250.02-179.42-15.5-2235
Tipalgo - Bet of the Day82437.0-96.25-67.50-8.2-2236
Text Winner195920.9-301.51-111.61-5.7-2322
Intelligent Betting109227.3-127.42-49.05-4.5-2496
The Tip Advisor278223.5-397.99-173.06-6.2-3522
Stable Winners476620.8-722.54-339.63-7.1-3645
Tipalgo - Lucky 15326214.6-605.06-284.67-8.7-3682
Tipalgo - Win Double164333.0-237.11-174.79-10.6-4136
Tipalgo - Lucky 31408417.1-675.40-301.68-7.4-4184
Advance Ratings - System 1502232.0-648.99-285.76-5.7-4580
Key Tips526427.2-744.35-437.96-8.3-5398
Tipalgo - Goliath Tips650329.4-661.22-317.03-4.9-5778
Tipalgo - Long Shots62868.3-1,560.54-360.40-5.7-6477
Investment Betting409036.3-553.39-349.30-8.5-7372
Tipalgo - Max Cards3578918.5-5,964.31-1,645.01-4.6-18380
Tipalgo - Full Racecards1881724.0-2,893.53-1,178.73-6.3-19923
The following have proofed less than 299 selections since 1st January 2016
The UK HRE - Jumps Specialist22223.466.70106.3847.9758
PJA Pro21026.2-
PJA Silver14326.65.6117.5512.3153
Racing Yard Intel5137.30.423.086.091
Lay Tips1100.01.882.32232.085
Lay Tips - The Daily Punt825.0-2.75-2.34-29.3-40
Daily Horse Tips14420.1-35.37-28.86-20.0-315
2020 Racing - 2020 Vision12530.4-29.45-25.49-20.4-385
3 Ticks - 3T's 1-A-Day14252.1-16.84-11.94-8.4-470

SR% = Success Rate % (e.g. an each-way bet that returns a profit is classed as a success even if the horse doesn't win the race).
SP Profit = Total profit to 1 point level stakes, based on Starting Prices.
BSP Profit = Total profit to 1 point level stakes based on Betfair Starting Prices.
POT% = Profit On Turnover (BSP Profit / Total Staked)
VBP = Variable Bet Profits based on Betfair SPs.

When betting on Betfair you'll need to take into account the commission they charge, between 2 - 5%. Enter a value to see the effect commission has on performance. The figures in the above table assume commission of 5%.