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Course Time Horse Bet Type Stake Min SP Max SP SP Type  



Bet Type: For Lay bets select either Lay Stake or Lay Risk to specify if the Stake is the amount you to win (Lay Stake) or the liability amount (Lay Risk). It is not possible to submit separate win and each-way, or place and each-way bets for the same selection.

Min/Max SP: Specify lower and upper starting price limits for selection to be included (enter as decimal odds e.g. for 2/1 enter 3.0). Then specify if the limits apply to regular SP or Betfair SP (if the SP/BSP of the selection is below min or above max specified, it will not be included in results) leave blank if no limits apply. For Place Only bets, if you specify the limits apply to BSP it will use the place only Betfair SP, if you specify the limits apply to SP it will always use the horses actual Starting Price, as there are no Place SPs.