Texas Hold'em Example Hand

The Deal

Player 1 is sitting to the left of the dealer and posts the small blind (1 chip). Player 2 is sitting on his left and posts the big blind (2 chips).

With the blinds posted it is Player 3's turn to bet first. He has a couple of high cards, which could be good for a high pair. He also has a possibility of a straight. He decides to call and bets 2 chips.

Player 4 has 2 low cards of different suits. It doesn't look likely he'll get much of a hand, so he decides to fold.

Player 1 has 2 high cards and a possible straight. As both cards are also the same suit he has the added possibility of a flush. He's already posted the small blind and therefore only needs to bet 1 chip to call, which he does.

Player 2 has already put in the Big Blind, so doesn't need to bet further to stay in the hand. He has a pair of pocket 9's and may do well to raise at this point, but for our example he decides to check.

With all players having now having either bet the same amount or folded, it concludes that round of the betting and we get to see the flop.

Player 1
(Small Blind)

Player 2
(Big Blind)

Player 3  
Player 4  

The Flop

The flop reveals a 10, 4 and 9. For this round of betting it is Player 1's turn to act first. The flop has keen pretty kind to him. With his Queen, Jack and the 10 and 9 on the flop, his straight is now looking a distinct possibility, as it can be completed by either a King or a 8. He bets 2 chips.

The flop has also been good for Player 2. He now has three 9's and is currently leading the hand. He calls the bet of 2 chips and raises a further 2 chips.

Player 3 still has a possibility of a straight, but would need a Queen. It could be worth calling the bet, but given the confidence of Player 2 he decides to fold.

The betting comes back round to Player 1. At this point he could fold, or he could try a re-raise, but he decides to call in the hope of completing his straight. To do this he bets another 2 chips.


The Turn Card

The Turn card produces a King. This is great news for Player 1 as he's now completed his straight, which beats Player 2's three of a kind. He could adopt one of several tactics at this point, but as we're just covering the basics in this example, he decides to bet 4 chips.

Player 2 is pretty confident of his three of a kind, but doesn't like the confidence shown by Player 1. He's not about to put his hand down and decides to call the bet.

The River

Things can often change on the River card and that's exactly what happens in this example. The 10 now gives Player 2 a full house, which unfortunately for Player 1 beats his straight.

It's still Player 1's turn to bet first. He can't see that Player 2 has made a full house and thinks his straight is still looking good. Full of confidence he bets another 4 chips.

Player 2 is also full of confidence, but is aware that Player 1 could still have a hand that beats him and decides not to raise. He therefore calls the bet.

The Showdown

With all the betting complete it's time for the showdown. Both players show their cards and make the best hand possible.

Player 1 (Straight)
Player 2 (Full House)

Player 2's full house beats Player 1's straight and Player 2 wins the pot.

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