Betting advice service from Kevin “The Watchman” McDonnell. The service is free to join, but you pay each time they back a winner.

On average The Watchman provides 3 – 4 bets per week. If a bet loses, you pay nothing, but if it wins you pay £10, no matter what the returned price of the winner. Bets are provided via a local rate phone call, to a live operator. It doesn’t appear that losing bets are deductible from the winners, so if they back 1 winner at say 7/4 (that was the SP of the most recent winner at the time we checked) and 2 losers, you’d still have to pay £10 despite the bets overall losing money.

They also offer a number of subscription services, where selections are delivered by email. These include:

  • The Trading Room
  • The Inner Circle
  • The Flat Season Specialist
  • The Irish Club
  • The Max Bets Club
  • The Underground (High Rollers)

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