US Horse Racing


Best Back Bets

Horse Racing Tipster offering predictions, for United States tracks, for betting on Betfair and Pari-mutuel. They post selections Wednesday through to Sunday.


Betmix provides handicapping software fo US horse racing. It allows you to test your thoughts and ideas about what makes one horse better than another, and combine them into a Mix that can be applied to similar races at the touch of a button.

Thoroughbred Daily News

Provides daily information for horse racing in the US and around the world. Editions of their newsletter can be downloaded in pdf format and they include an archive of all previous editions.

Horse Racing Answers

Profitcapping manual for US horse racing, provides a guide to show you how to calculate the probability percent of your ticket, the average strength of your ticket and the potential profit.

RPM Handicapping Giant

Distributor of horse racing books, DVDs, systems and handicapping software.

The Horseracing Source

Sam's picks provided daily on a track by track basis. Access is provided on a subscription basis, with deductions made from your account for the tracks you purchase.

Chicken Dinner System

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner horse betting method that uses a trainer angle for US horse racing.

American Racing Journal

Horse racing information for all the top North American tracks. Includes handicapping advice and tip sheets.

New York Sheets

Track Baron thoroughbred handicapping reports and picks for the major New York tracks.

Horse Racing