Free to play horse racing stable management game. In the game you can buy/sell horses, breed and train horses, hire and fire jockeys and general staff, bet virtual money on horses and watch the races online.

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  1. Randal says:

    Great game except that it does not run well in IE!! A shame because many users left to other games.

  2. crusader says:

    Australian site. Moderation biased towards Australian members. Forums unfriendly and badly moderated. Abuse and taunts seemingly allowed.

    • Elzie de Roode says:

      Extremely poorly moderated.

      For Track King’s moderators, it seems to be enough (for them) that they are “volunteering” to do the job of moderating the forum.

      They do not seem to believe they actually have to do that job.

      IOW, the moderators are just power-tripping over there. There is no real moderation in what are extremely abusive environments like the Global Florum and the “Help Me Please” Forum.

      A new player (like me) couldn’t even ask a question without it turning into some free-for-all brawl. (I never did get an answer to my question. However, I did find out who hated whom.)

      All that aside, it would be great if you’re not into forums. You can avoid those and just play the game.

      The problem there is that it’s a C+ game, at best. You’re so bored, you naturally gravitate to the forums to look for excitement.

      Unfortunately, what you’ll find there is mayhem, verbal abuse, and trolling.

      If you like that sort of thing and want to join in on the brawl … by all means, feel free.

      Just don’t expect to get a good gaming experience out of it.

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