Simple backing system for all weather racing, which will take around 5 – 10 minutes each day to workout the day’s selections. When buying the system they offer an option to receive the selections by email, if you don’t have the time to work them out for yourself.

They suggest using the Racing Post (RP) to workout selections (using a different source will give different selections). Subscribers to the RP members area will be able to work these out the night before racing, but non subscribers will need to wait until 9:00am when they make their betting forecasts free.

The sales page says the system has been developed by Stanley Oliver Rose, but it’s being sold by Circle Media Ltd, who have proofed other services to Racing-Index in the past.

Purchasers of the Star Horse System will also receive 2 additional bonus systems, but I’d be wary of following either of them. The Stan Safe Betting System is a stop at a winner system where the size of your bets will quickly mount up. The Rice Rating Formula is based around the same principles as the Fine Form Master Formula produced by Clive Holt in his Winners Back Winners book over 20 years ago. His formula didn’t work back then and I’d be surprised if Stan’s version (that uses less variables) will work now.

For further thoughts on the system see /blog/star-horse-system-bet-turbo

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  1. Give my trial.thank you.

    • Steve Adams says:

      Hi Frank, it’s unlikely Star Horse System will see your message here. I suggest you contact them directly to request a trial.

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