Simulated horse game that enables you to race, breed, train, buy, sell, and claim virtual horses. They include virtual races for thoroughbreds, quarter horses, Arabian, paints, quarters, plus harness racing with trotters and pacers.

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  1. Bill says:

    The game is rigged. The owner of the site made a rough copy of it when she was 12, & invited all her 12 year old friends. 10 or so years later, she still gives the best horses to her (same) friends who are the biggest millionaires in the game. You will never catch up with them because… in addition to the owner giving her friends the best horses, her friends also continue to buy up all the good horses in auctions from other players too (because the friends, have A LOT more money than anyone else). Could have been a nice game, but there is over a decade of favoritism in this game. Conclusion: Don’t bother with this game.

    • Jasper says:

      Agreed, average player breeds only slowpokes and trash and others superbarns breed several multimilionaires each year. fun game how ever it is rigged. if you want to enter claiming or maiden races forever and win a few 5K purses this is your game. want to win a graded stakes race and your not one of the “special” players you can forget it. played for years and got nowhere.

    • Bryan Price says:

      I completely disagree, I have been playing for the last 5 years only, and my stable usually has between 12-20 million dollars. I bred a horse (Miraculous Storm) who won almost 2 million dollars and most of my money has come from breeding and sales. I live in Alaska and do not know anyone in the sim personally. Although long time owners clearly have an advantage at first, with work you can make it up. I am almost always in the top 20 in stable value despite having a much smaller stable than most.

    • Bryan Price says:

      First off, she does not GIVE horses to her friends. The old players do have an advantage in auctions, however no player is allowed to win more than one horse in an auction (they just can afford to spend more on the horse they want). I honestly don’t know what you expect her to do, not allow older players to bid? I am a player of only 5 years, I live in Alaska and personally know no one in the sim, yet my stable value right at this moment is around 15 million. Most of my money comes from breeding and sales. I focused on learning to breed well, and putting together a good stable of broodmares. In the last 2 seasons alone I have produced 34 yearlings with stakes level gallops (out of about 230 total breedings), in that sme time I have produced about 70 with allowance level gallops. To do well in breeding takes time and work, but the sense of accomplishment when you suceed feels great.

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