Horse racing toolkit that includes speed rating software, form rating software, bet tracking spreadsheets and a guide book that provides betting systems, methods and techniques.

5 Responses to “Pro Punter Package”

  1. stephen says:

    I got this a few months ago then I lose the license key I have sent 7 emails but never got back to me once

  2. morgan says:

    i purchased this program and used it all the time to good effect but then every time i used one of the programs it deleted itself from my computer. i have emailed them to explain what has happened but never had a reply

  3. Glenn says:

    I have had loads of trouble with this package. First the link to download wouldn’t work – I kept getting an “account configuration error” message. Then suddenly it worked, only for the license key to be invalid when I tried to load the packages. I have sent numerous emails & haven’t received a single reply. So I have wasted my money since I am left with something that doesn’t work.

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