Speed and class ratings for all United States tracks. They also have other horse racing products, including software, books and videos.

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  1. richard lofink says:

    just purchased Never Again Plan and surprised there is no refund available..your examples were from March of 1992. If it had been clear that you would be betting 2 horses in each bettable race I would have never bought it. Is there a compromise we could make, I was also interested in The Epitome at 95$ if it is 1horse only per race.

    • Steve Adams says:

      Hi Richard, you’ll need to contact the Professional Handicappers Association web site directly. Racing-Index has no connection with them and it’s unlikely they’ll get to see your message here.

  2. Shawn says:

    Yes one of my friend who is a sports handicapper referred me this site, its very good and tracks all the ratings in USA.

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