Virtual horse stable competition that combines a simulation game, a money game and a management game where members of the community race each other.

Breed, train, nominate and race your virtual horses against opponents from all over the world. Watch your horses race live. Claim, buy and sell thoroughbreds and trotters at the auctions.

All accounts and transactions are based on real cash. While the main purpose is to entertain and create a realistic online experience of racehorse ownership, some players also manage to win real money. Every season there are a number of special events that carry cash rewards.

Newturf has no vested interest in the outcome of races, stable owners race against each other. Newturf’s role is limited to providing its gaming software platform and managing all cash settlements between users.

Newturf is a skill and betting service regulated and licensed by the UK Gambling Commission.

A virtual horse’s speed, stamina, flexibility, obedience, preference for going or distance and fitness are all factors in determining the result of a race. All of these are genetic traits which can be influenced by selective breeding.

Breeding is what sets Newturf apart from all other horse racing games available online. In your quest to become a top breeder on Newturf and produce the next champion through a perfect pairing of sire and dam, you will need a combination of investment, observation, research and luck.

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