Offer 2.5% and 5% shares in both flat and national hunt horses. They have a number of yearlings and 2yo’s available each year. They arrange regular social functions and stable visits and encourage owners to visit the stables at their own convenience.

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  1. Confidemus says:

    Agree that the owners are up their own backsides and couldnt care less about the people that pay their wages. They have had a lot of success over a long time but they buy a lot of poor horses too. I heard from one trainer that they tried to blag him into accepting half price trainimg fees – he told them what to do – and i dont imagine some of their trainers would be conned like this but some of the smaller ones that need a leg up from an organisation like theirs have probably been tempted so their monthly costs are probably way over the top in some cases. Once bitten, twice shy, wouldnt touch them with a bargepole.

  2. takeatip says:

    Totally agree with the above they buy some decent horses for the right money. Let down by the fact that when racing no one seems to be be the centre of things. If you go for the first time the rep from MPR is more likely to ignore you than make you feel welcome. Really does let them down in fact no one from MPR has ever spoken to me, it’s always been the other way. They will of course speak to you if you speak to them but not what you call friendly.

  3. Rob says:

    There’s no doubt MPR have improved enormously over the past few years,communications far better than it used to be and their website helps keep members updated.

    Their best feature is the ability to own very small shares at affordable prices (many 2.5% shares are just a few hundred quid upfront then about £75 monthly).And its crucial that almost all their horses are proper ownership shares,not leases (important to check this).

    Regular yard visits are also a great feature.

    If i have a couple of criticisms, they are 1.Paperwork can be a bit tardy and disorganised. 2.I feel racedays themselves could be better organised with more socialising within each syndicate.As it is,people seem to split up at the off time so don’t watch together as their horse runs,which would make for much more group fun if things go well or comiseration if they don’t!

    But all in all one of the better ownership organisations. 8/10

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