Provide 20 nap lay bets per month for £200. So that is £10 per lay bet.

They claim to have laid 2000 winning lay bets from 2000 selections, which is completely unverified and if you look at their results pages you’ll see they contradict that (see screen shot of their results for March 2017).



Also if you look at their results for December they show Yanmare to be a losing bet for their new system.


If the old system was doing so well why would they look to change things? Makes no sense.

They also say you can make over £2000 per month from their selections. To make that sort of profit from 20 bets a month you’d have to lay at over £100 per selection. The screen shot below, shows a lay bet of 22/1 (it’s returned Betfair SP was 29.0), so at that price you’d be risking well over £2000 on a single bet.


£200 is a lot of money to part with, given there is no proof to the reliability of the results shown on their web site.

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