Lay bet advisory service that provides members with their strongest false favorite of the day. Selections are sent out the evening before racing, to give members plenty of time to get their lay bet on.

Membership is on a 1 month subscription basis, with no automatic renewal. The monthly fee is pretty expensive, so it’s only really worth joining if you’re willing to bet large stakes. They suggest laying each selection to £100, which could mean a loss of up to £450 on one selection (based upon the largest odds shown in their results at the time of adding the site to Racing-Index).

Results are shown since the start of May 2017, but bear in mind the domain was only registered on 30th June, so not sure where selections were provided prior to that date.

9 Responses to “Jason King Horse Racing”

  1. Antony Smith says:

    The same person just offered us is data base for the second time – We would never buy into such spamming crap in any case, but goes to show some people never know when the number is up!

    “Hello I contacted you a couple of weeks ago offering you my database of 60+ Tipster Service Clients and my email marketing database of over 30,000 punters as I am no longer in the tipster business due to family reasons. At the time I was asking for £250 for the lot. The data is still here and I am now willing to let it go for a one-off cost of just £150. The data is all very clean with all removes and bounces taken out after each send. The data is a real goldmine opportunity for anyone with a betting related business and is work a lot more than the price I am asking. Would you be interested at the new price? I can accept payment via Skrill or Bank Transfer and everything is ready to send straight over. Thanks Jason King”

  2. eddie says:

    me to £600.00 he is a scammer report him to trading standards

  3. Richard says:

    Has anyone invested in his friends Betfair Investment Fund. I put a little in and still waiting for a login to manage it. Every day he promises it will come but it never does

    • dave plant says:

      i too invested money its all a scam no log in no response needs reporting to cid fraud squad.

      dave plant

      • Philip Hoddell says:

        I too have been swindled. I suggest we write to his bankers and make them aware of his activities. Any else fancy visiting him?

  4. Bob says:

    Jason king is a fraudster he starts different services then stops them and starts new services which you pay more money then he stops sending for weeks
    On end comes back saying family members in hospital etc etc you have been warned!!!!

  5. Richard says:

    Total con man promised a refund if his horse lost and didn’t keep his word

  6. Paulo says:

    This service is a scam. Rarely send the tips. Always an excuse. He even took his sister to the hospital. DO NOT SUBSCRIBE

  7. dave plant says:

    joined this guy early july lost over £800, his tips kept being wrong i asked for my money back he ignored me . so be aware keep away or you will loose your money. like i did.BE AWARE!!.

    david plant.

    dave plant

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