Betting blog that aims to educate aspiring traders to profit from their trading, particularly on horse racing. They have a mentoring program and also run a number of workshops, teaching how to trade effectively.

The blog includes a number of education how to guides that cover from the basics through to advanced techniques like automated betting and placing bets using spreadsheets.

As well as horse racing, the blog also covers football and F1 betting.

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  1. Craig G says:

    I attended Steve Howe’s introductory trading workshop on Monday the 23rd of June 2014, along with 15 other wannabe traders. Writing this testimonial more than 3½ years later, the fact that I’m still a paying member of Steve’s and Jon Murphy’s Trading Mastermind Group answers the question ‘do I think it’s worth joining?’. Yes, I think it’s well worth joining.

    But that’s just my experience. Are all 16 of us still members of the Trading Mastermind Group? No, of course not. A good number of us still are though, and after all this time I think that’s quite remarkable in this industry with its share of egomaniacs, charlatans and incompetents.

    Quite a few workshop attendees were happy to make do with just the one-day event, and chose not to upgrade into the Mastermind Group. With the benefit of hindsight, I believe that they made the wrong choice — for me personally, continued membership of the Mastermind Group trading community has been essential in slowly but surely upgrading my skill from introductory, as taught on the one-day workshop, to that of a fairly profitable part-time racing trader.

    Racing, and particularly betting on racing, has been my pastime of choice for over 40 years now, and my enjoyment is all the richer from finally learning how to trade the sport on the exchanges.

    Some of the guys from the class of June 14 have gone on to earn a good living as full-time professional traders. Although the idea is attractive to many, the reality of being a pro-trader has its own challenges that not everyone is cut out to meet, myself included.

    For an already successful racing trader, the one-day workshop on its own could prove useful by learning Steve’s basic trading technique, a technique that continues to work even after years of changing markets, and which will always work as it’s based on fundamental signals that highlight genuine demand and supply in the market. No one else teaches this, as no one else knows how to.

    For the rest of us mere mortals who need guidance and support in getting ourselves over the line from the red zone into the green zone, the introductory workshop combined with the upgrade to the Mastermind Group is the way to go. I recommend upgrading with 6 months access to the trading community — unless you’re already a consistently successful trader, or are a quite exceptional self-learner, then you’ll benefit from nurturing within the Mastermind Group.

    It’s during this initial six-month period that you’ll iron out the most basic errors in your trading, and build up the skills that will – over time – take you towards consistently profitable trading. Additional trading techniques (that actually work), tutorial videos, live seminars and one-to-one support from Steve and/or Jon all come with membership of the Mastermind Group.

    The group contains many pro-traders, almost certainly more than in any similar community, who are generous with their time, help and encouragement. Most of the pros were losing traders in the early days of their careers — some learned the hard way and eventually taught themselves how to trade successfully, joining the Mastermind Group to further progress their trading careers. Others – probably the majority – turned their trading around within the group, and haven’t looked back since.

    I only trade on racing, but the community includes pro tennis, cricket and NFL traders, as well as some very knowledgeable football traders. I don’t understand those sports, so I don’t trade them.

    If you’re a level-headed person who understands that becoming a profitable exchange trader will take effort and perseverance, and accepts that mistakes will be made and learned from, then I can’t recommend Steve’s and Jon’s Trading Mastermind Group highly enough. Come and join us.

    Craig G (Twitter: @craiggeegee)

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