Horse racing forum that requires registration to view points. Main discussion surrounds “Daily Racing”, where they have several members, who post selections daily (judging by other members comments the tips perform well).

They also include discussion on systems, draw stats and notebook pointers. The members maintain a friendly forum and are very supportive of each other.

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  1. Dibble says:

    Have been a member for a little while now and have to say Group Racers is an excellent site . A small number of posters who are both knowledgable and helpful , and along with the admin make this a great and friendly forum. Theres been no idiots or troublemakers and i cant recommend it highly enough .

  2. wheatley says:

    Excellent, knowledgable tipsters coupled with an extremely friendly atmosphere provide the ideal craic !!

  3. iskanmayals says:

    This forum is excellent. Well managed and informative. I joined quite recently (Davidw) and have been made to feel most welcome

  4. RedDog says:

    The only racing messageboard I use.

    All the posters are very friendly and very knowledgeable, each having their own speciality field.

    The tips are first class, and the registration method rules out any of the idiots that frequent most of the other boards.


  5. Dicey says:

    Knowledgeable and friendly members who are exceptionally supportive. Some seriously good ideas on the site concerning both betting and laying.

    All in all the best Forum I’ve experienced. Highly recommended.

  6. sozzled says:

    Friendly and knowledgeble no nonsense site. Well worth a look

  7. gazcam says:

    Brilliant site!!! Very supportive, great information from all members who bring their racing knowledge to the table. Thank you to all involved for your hard work of maintaining the site.

  8. mrbluejay says:

    A good site, but takes itself a bit too seriously – I was barred for failing to apologise for calling the moderator ‘sensitive’, this was all as a result of her misconstruing a comment – she said I should have inserted a smiley ! Despite this, it is a decent forum, if a little slow, however this is good in a way as you don’t get the MAX BET brigade every race.

  9. gitch says:

    friendly site. some real good tipsters on there. the boss is fit ;)

  10. butcher says:

    From the Latest racing talk to trying out new systems to stats trends and draws.Are just horses for the notebook to tack room information Group races have all the bases covered.Not forgetting
    football,dogs,golf,cricket.When the bets/tips do come in as they usually do then theres And Glory.Where the best at their craft get a mention.

    2.30- Cody wyoming – 1st @ 170.91

    3 tips in 2 days, all 3 won @ SPs of 66/1, 8/1 and 7/2

    The 5 horses advised returned two winners at 40/1 and 22/1, plus a 12/1 e/w 2nd and a forecast!

    A great site to discuss and post your selections as well as competitions.

  11. wolves 58 says:

    Great Forum. A lot of well informed posters. A big plus is that it is well regulated and idiots are barred.

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