Software application that simulates real betting activity. Includes a database of past races and results for testing various betting strategies to determine if they’re profitable or not.

Their database consists of races and results for all UK and Ireland races, along with prices from exchange platforms, so users can simulate both back and lay bets.

Product features include:

  • Selection systems – Various filters and selection criteria based on past races can be defined for identifying winners or losers. Over 500 parameters can be used for defining the filters in a flexible and efficient way;
  • Financial systems –  Over 30 customizable staking plans, along with a macro financial management of the betting bank, are available for in-depth testing;
  • Qualifiers service – Automated service for retrieving the qualified runners in upcoming races

They offer a 3 day free trial, followed by either 1 week, 1 month or 3 months subscription options.

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