Method of backing the horse before the race and then laying it during the race, via the in-play market.

Their guide aims to identify those horses that are likely to shorten in price during the running of the race. It comes in a pdf format that includes plenty of examples.

Dobbing is a method of betting on the price movement, rather than the actual result (i.e. trading on the odds). It gets it’s name from Double Or Bust (DOB), where in the bet you either double your stake or lose it all.

So if the horses odds reduce to half those at which you backed them, you can back it at double the stake to make a profit. If however the shorter odds are not met in-play, you lose your bet stake (Bust).

The report takes a slightly different approach and advises laying at higher than half odds, as the bet is more likely to get matched. Using their method if the horse wins you double your money and break even if the horse loses. You’ll still lose the stake if the lay bet doesn’t get matched.

Although the method is trading the odds, you don’t need to be at your computer during the race to watch the odds.

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