Offer 2 main bots that access the Betfair API to help automate betting exchange activities. They also have a Botbuilder program that they use to build customised Betfair betting applications.


Their flagship bot is MT3, can be used for all Betfair exchange markets and provides the following main functionality:

  • Line Graphs used for monitoring markets over time, the graphs present the last 1000 market updates for any Betfair event, and you can submit bets, green up and red up direct from the graph;
  • Bar Graphs specifically designed for fast-moving InPlay Markets like Horse Racing, Bar graphs let you see what’s being Backed and what’s not and submit your bets direct from the Graph;
  • Single Trackers provide a close-up view of how runners are performing in the market and submit bets via traditional betting buttons and price ladders;
  • Automated green up / red up, with pre set parameters;
  • Manual green up / red up;
  • Test / Simulation mode, to try out various betting strategies and get used to the bot without risking any money.

They offer a 14 days free trial, followed by subscription for either 3 days, 7 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or 1 year.


BBSchedule allows you to ‘set-and-forget’ your Bets on all UK and Irish horse racing for both the win and place markets.

  • Schedule back and lay bets to be submitted at a time of your choice;
  • Optional automated green up / red up bets to be submitted at your selected number of Ticks when your Initial Bets have been Matched;
  • Setup bets on either a specific horse or unnamed favourite;
  • Simulation mode to test out different betting strategies

Again they offer a 14 day free trial, followed by annual subscription.

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  1. Johnyyydal24 says:

    hi all
    Do you not think it would be a good idea for bot makers to give their bots for free but you sign an agreement to pay them commision on your winnings just like betfair have a 5% commision
    on there system to make money.

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