Real time racing game licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission. They run one race per day, at 9:00pm each evening.

Currently the game is restricted to residents of the UK and Ireland.

Players face each other in real time races by rolling a dice. The higher they score by rolling the dice, the faster the horse runs. The dice score is crossed with the genetic ability of the horse, which takes into account the racing discipline, distance, ground, position of other horses on the track and whipping actions etc.

The game is based upon real money, with virtual race horses, each with their own genetic abilities. Each horse has a career of 20 races.

In order to get involved, new players must first purchase a mare and a stallion from the auction room. They can then expand their stable by either breeding their mare with their stallion or with one from another stable.

Races are free to enter, as entry fees have already been pre-paid for at the time of breeding.

Races are limited to 20 horses, with those that finish in the first 1/3rd earning a share of the prize money.

For a full description of the game go to the Breed and Win site and then select “Player’s Guide” under the Rules tab on the top menu.


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