Bet advisory service from ex National Hunt jockey that operates on an odds to losers deductible basis. He concentrates on a select number of horses and races, he feels provide him with a betting edge.

He uses a number of variants to analyse a race, including: knowledge, trainer form, course form, distance, ground, headgear, recent form, back form, systems, watching racing, discipline, data queries, stable information, stable change, handicap ratings, speed ratings, sectional times, etc.

The odds to losers basis works as follows: Members first purchase from one of the 4 payment options; £750, £400, £200 and £100. Bets are then provided, using a scale of 1 to 3 points, with each point being equal to £10. If a bet loses that amount is added to the membership and must be won back before the membership funds starts to decrease. By doing it this way it ensures members make a profit before they are charged further.

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