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Randox Health Grand National Sweepstake 2017

What better way to enjoy the 2017 Aintree Grand National than to have your own office sweepstake on the event. Many sites now offer a sweepstake kit for the event, so this year we'll again be taking a look at the different kits available and say which we feel are the best.

When the final list of 40 horses is declared, they also name another 4 reserve horses in case any of the 40 are withdrawn the day before the race. It's therefore good to choose a kit that also has the reserve horses listed. If anyone draws out a horse that subsequently becomes a non runner, you can then substitute their horse with the reserve that replaces it. Reserve horses will not run in the place of any horse withdrawn on the day of the race.

We'll be updating this page throughout 6th April to let you know which sites have the correct list of runners included in their sweepstake kit.

If you'll be having a bet on the 2017 Grand National, we recommend you open an account with BetVictor. For each-way bets they'll be paying out ¼ odds on the first 6 places. Imagine if your horse finishes 6th in the race, you'd be gutted if you'd placed your bet with a bookmaker who's only paying out on the first 4 or 5 places.

2017 Grand National Sweepstake kits

Correct List of Runners
Many sites have the incorrect list of runners showing in their sweepstake. We've checked the ones in this section and they have now been updated for the withdrawal of Pendra. If you've previously downloaded the sweepstake from one of these sites, make sure you hit refresh in your browser to get the latest version (should show Doctor Harper as horse No 40).

Grand National Guide
5 page PDF file. Nicely laid out with the list of horses spread over 2 pages. Each sweepstake ticket includes the name and number of the horse, illustration of the jockey silk colours and a guide to the betting odds for each selection. They suggest how much to charge per entry and how to divide up the winnings between the top 4 finishers. The kit also includes a sheet to write down which person's drawn each of the horses.

Manchester Evening News
Three page pdf file, with the first 2 pages providing space to write down the name of the person who's drawn the horse. Page 3 provides the tickets to cut up for the draw. Each ticket includes the name of the horse, plus the number, jockey colours and name of the trainer.

Single pdf that includes all the sweepstake tickets, which include the horse name, number, trainer, jockey, jockey colours and betting odds. Then a separated pdf to write down who has drawn which horse.

The Sun
Single page file with a list of horses, jockey colours and betting odds. They don't provide a separate seet to write down who's drawn which horse, so you'll need to print the sheet twice.

Great British Racing
If you're print cartridge is running low, you'll be better off going for one of the other sweepstake kits, as they've gone for a very dark background for their kit and it takes up four pages. The first pages includes cut-outs for the first 20 horses and includes horses name, number, jockey colours and possible odds. Page 2 provides space to write the name of the person who's picked the horse, agian for just the first 20 horses. Pages 3 and 4 provide the same, for the remaining 20 horses. Make sure when you write down who's drawn out which horse, you write it in the correct place, as the names are shown reading from right to left on the page you write the names on. It's all a bit confusing really.

Daily Mail
Kit available as 3 separate pdf files. Two have the tickets to cut up. These include the name of the horse, the trainer and the jockeys silk colours. The third file provides space to write down the name of the person next to the horse they've drawn out.

The Telegraph
Single page pdf file, with the left half of the page providing space to write each persons name next to the horse they've drawn. The right half can be cut into 40 tabs, to put in a hat. Each tab includes the horse's name, number, jockey colours and betting odds.

Incorrect List of Runners
The last time we checked the following sites were still showing an incorrect list of runners, as they'd not taken into account the withdrawal of Pendra at the final declaration stage.

Sweepstake Generator
Nothing to printout with this one. You just enter a name for your sweepstake, enter your email address and add the names of the people that are playing (one person per line). They then automatically allocate a horse to each player and provide a page you can printout and cut up. Their kit was created before the final list of runners was declared, so make sure they've updated to the correct list of runners.

Paddy Power
Currently showing incorrect list of runners. Page 1 of the 2 page pdf includes room to write the name of the person who picked each of the horses. Page 2 provides the tickets to be cut into squares that include the horses name and jockey silks.

Daily Express
This is a poor effort from the Express. It's a one page pdf file, with a list of tickets to print out, but no real space to write the name of the person who's drawn out each horse. Also the incorrect list of horses. They maybe called the Express, but this is one occasion when they should have slowed down and put a bit more thought into things.

Liverpool Echo
You'll need to sign into Scribd to download and print this sweepstake kit, but I wouldn't bother as they've got an incorrect list of runners (not taken into account Pendra being withdrawn).

Two page pdf file that on the first page has all the horses listed (in weird random order rather than racecard order) along with the jockeys colours and betting odds for each horse. Page two provides space to record the name of the person next to the name of the horse they've drawn out. They also include ticket price and prize split suggestions.

Sky Sports
Not sure what's going on with this one. 40 horses will be taking part in the Grand National, but Sky Sports have included 79 runners in their kit. Do not use this kit for your sweepstake as half the players will be very disappointed if you do, as they won't get a runner in the race.

Placing A Bet on The National

If you're having an each-way bet look out for bookmakers who are paying out on additional finishing positions

Normally In a handicap race of 16 runners or more bookmakers will payout each-way bets on the first 4 finishers. However for the Grand National many of the bookmakers will be paying out on additional places. The best of these is BetVictor who are paying out on the first 6 places, others will be paying out on the first 5. see our list on the righthand column of the page. It therefore makes sense to place your each-way bets with BetVictor, unless one of the other bookmakers is offering much better odds on the horse you want to back. Lets face it, you'd be pretty gutted if your horse finishes either 5th or 6th and your bookmaker only pays out the first 4.

Get the best odds on your bets

When placing your bet on the Grand National, make sure the bookmaker you choose offers Best Odds Guaranteed. Take the price on offer and if the SP is greater they'll pay you out at the bigger price. Note that BOG prices will only count for bets placed on the day of the National.

Each-Way Extra Place(s)

  • BetVictor and Betway are paying ¼ odds for the first 6 places on each-way bets in the Grand National. Paddy Power are paying 1/5 odds for the first 6.

The following bookmakers will pay out ¼ odds on e/w bets for the first 5 places:

If you want to bet place only you can with: