Betfair Betting Exchange

In-Play Betting

In-Play or sometimes referred to as In-Running betting is where you bet on the outcome of an event after it has started and up to when it ends. Betfair were the first to offer this on horse racing and in doing so opened up a whole new dimension of betting on the sport. You can see how well your fancied horse is running, before deciding to back it or lay it. Or you can trade one or more horses during a race to hopefully make a profit no matter which one wins the race.

Odds Trading

In addition to regular betting, Betfair provides an opportunity to trade the odds, either prior to or during a race. The idea is you back a selection at higher odds and lay the same selection at lower odds, to guarantee a profit no matter which horse wins. This is what's commonly referred to as a Green Book, as all possible outcomes show a profit. There are many ebooks and software programs around help you with this. See the Exchange Trading section for more information.

Betfair API

The Betfair API is an application programming interface that enables developers to create software that seamlessly integrates with the Betfair sports exchange. Typically applications can be used to automate many aspects of your betting or trading. You can either develop your own applications or buy software from a vendor, see our Betting Exchange Bots section.