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Performance results for from 1st January 2012 to 31st January 2015.

Date Course Horse Type Bet Pos SPBSP+/-Profit
24/04/12PunchestownBoxer GeorgLay125/23.990.950.95
Number of Selections1Average Stake2.99 points
Successful Selections1Success Percentage100%
Total BSP Profit0.95 pointsBSP Profit On Turnover31.77%


BSP = Betfair Starting Price. Decimal Odds (e.g. 2/1 = 3.0)
Profit = Accumulated Profit

You'll need to take into account commission paid to Betfair ranging from 2 - 5% depending on how much you bet with them. Use the "Commission" box to see the effect this will have on profits. The figures in the above table assume commission of 5%.

Average Stake
For lay bets the stake amount is classed as the exposure amount for the bet (e.g. 100 laid at odds of 4/1 is a stake of 400).

We proof the following types of bet: win only, each-way, place only and lay bets. It is the responsibility of the individual tipster to ensure they proof all selections prior to the race. Differences will occur if a tipster forgets to proof their selections or they advise a type of bet we are not able to proof (e.g. reverse forecast, each-way double etc). If you have a query regarding discrepancies between proofed selections and those shown on the tipsters site, please contact the relevant tipster.

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