Members service where they pool funds together to sign up and test racing tipsters. Selections for the most profitable are then relayed to subscribers.

Membership now also includes access to the Surewin Racing Club. They also have a catalog of horse racing systems.


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  1. Brian Badonde says:

    Run by Lammtarra/ relayman and a few other AKA names. Good set out however certain long cons are at work here so be very wary before parting with cash. Private service or PBA or VIP whatever the latest set up is a way of losing cash. The majority of losses are covered up by removing a so called service and stating you were a fool to be backing those selections when the rest of us just back the winning selections. “You should of layed off as well” is a common one with losing selections/ services given. I lost over £2k in a month of which they covered there tracks. So the advice is yes its a good relay format, but do not fall for the con and part with money. It has now got that bad they won’t proof anymore, plus I’m sure there service will change again and inform current members we told you to only back service x!

  2. Eric says:

    I highly recommend this site to anyone needing guidance to get their betting on a more profitable basis in 2011. They relay some very profitable services and have a very vibrant forum where any questions raised are quickly answered. Lammtarra is one of the site administrators and he is normally one of the first to respond to any questions raised.
    I personally have no connection to this site apart from being a paying member but I feel passionately that you will get value for money from obtaining membership.
    Whatever you decide, the very best of luck with your betting in 2011 and beyond.

  3. steveallen says:

    I have had a look at these guys and they are different, the relay services i have subscribed to have been crap, Newbury are terrible and Relayline are poor late tips and no customer service, lets hope this guy is gonna be differnt, forum is a new idea and looks good, people relaying as well worth a try at 4.99, cheap enough

  4. lammtarra says:

    Also the proofed result is for the sister site, http://www.relayman.com was the free site, only charging £5 now because when it was free attracted trouble makers. The sister site is the one being proofed, just to clarify. Thanks

  5. lammtarra says:

    Fair enough Steve, however michaela is my sister who love sthe site also. We share a laptop at home. The facts are that it is a great site, a nice forum and some great betting tools to assist us in the goal to beat the bookies. A wee bit PR isnt a bad thing. I wouldnt stoop so low to pretend to be two people. Im passionate about the site and it deserves more members because its a somewhat hidden gem. To get what you get for £5 quid a month is superb. But I appreciate your comment. All the best

  6. Steve Adams says:

    I’ve given 1 star to the comments from Michaela and Lammtarra as they both come from the same IP address used by Relayman.

    Pretending to be different people and writing comments praising your own service is classed as Astroturfing and does nothing for your credibility.

  7. michaela says:

    Excellent site

  8. lammtarra says:

    Amazing service. £4.95 a month and they relay

    Equine Investments, Keith Elliott Golf, Henry Rix, Insider Gold, SLH, Willy mcFarland, Pricewise Extra and many more as well as some amazing members advices and friendly forum

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