Horse Racing Games



Horse game that gives you the opportunity to become an owner of virtual race horses, which you feed, train and race in real time races. As a new owner you'll receive a free horse and will be able to enter into special free "Newbie" races for the first 30 days.


Similar game play and bonuses to Raceclubs, but where Raceclubs has a UK feel, with championship races such as the Derby, Oaks, Queen Elizabeth and King George classics. Digiturf adopts a US feel with the Saratoga Sprint, Kentucky Derby, Old Triple Crown Classic and Arlington Gold Cup.


Virtual horse stable competition that combines a simulation game, a money game and a management game where members of the community race each other.

Horse Race Game

Free virtual horse racing game, based upon US racing, where you can jockey, bet and train fantasy and world champion race horses. They also offer a VIP subscription and an option to purchase files for champion horses.

Place for Games

3D horse and dog racing games for the PC. Recreating a day out at the races. Free Demos available.

Greyhound Champion

Experience the thrill and excitement of owning your own kennel of greyhound stars! Breed and race your own greyhounds and win real money.

Starters Orders

Horse racing management game for the PC. Own, train and race at over 30 world-wide racecourses including Ascot, Flemington, Arlinton and Tokyo. Free demo available. They also provide a Greyhound Manager game.


Free multiplayer horse racing game. Own a stable of horses and jockeys and race them against stables from around the world.

Digital Downs

Based on a real horse racing track operating in the US, it provides the opportunity to own a stable of virtual race horses racing each day for real money.

ORL World

Offers forums and organised leagues for horse racing games such Gallop Racer and Starters Orders Pro.

Race Night

Provide packages that enable you to run your own race night. Kits include intro film, sealed VHS tapes, betting slips, pre-printed racecards, payout forms and return parcel labels.


Virtual racing game where you manage the career of your horses. You can manage a small virtual stable for free or purchase more credits if you want more horses.

Trophy Horse

Virtual horse racing site, where you manage and race a stable of horses.

Track King

Free to play horse racing stable management game. In the game you can buy/sell horses, breed and train horses, hire and fire jockeys and general staff, bet virtual money on horses and watch the races online.


Company running filmed race nights for fund raising and charity events, throughout the UK and most of Europe.

Solid Icon

Brings Virtual Horse Racing & Greyhound Racing to your betting venue. Their system features realtime rendered graphics in HDTV resolutions, realistic sound effects and race commentary. The betting platform can serve a large crowd of players using point of sales and self service terminals.

Sim Horse Racing

Simulated horse game that enables you to race, breed, train, buy, sell, and claim virtual horses. They include virtual races for thoroughbreds, quarter horses, Arabian, paints, quarters, plus harness racing with trotters and pacers.

Photo Finish Sim

Fantasy horse racing simulation game, where players manage their own stable of horses, race them against other players from around the world and breed their horses.

Horse Racing