Automated bot (called Barney) for selecting and placing bets automatically on UK horse racing. You specify the daily target amount and the amount to risk, via a stop loss and the bot places the bets based upon the criteria selected.

Barney only works a 4 day week, placing bets on Tuesday’s through to Friday (this is a wise move by the developers). Past results published on their site, show the bot uses a “stop at a winner” staking system, which rapidly increases stakes to recover previous losing bets. Be aware this is a high risk strategy, not suitable to most people. Setting the stop loss to an amount you’re prepared to lose is critical.

They offer a 1 month free trial, where the bot will place bets in test mode. After that the bot is available via an annual licence fee.

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  1. ammary says:

    Im just a small time punter with a small bank, Hey this Barney the bot works for me. I started with a bank of $250, I think this is the minimum allowed. Put the system on auto and it hasnt looked back. Even a losing day doesnt break the bank as it seems to be programmed to only go to 4 losing races on auto. I havent taken it off auto and changed any settings. Might after a bit more time. Go Barney

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