Greyhound Racing

Greyhound Board of Great Britain

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Governing body for licensed greyhound racing in the UK. Includes post code search to help you find your nearest dog track, plus latest news, results and information on the sport’s history, governance, regulation and organisation.

24 Dogs

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Comprehensive greyhound information and form service, where you can access full race card form as much as 60 hours before the meeting is due to take place. They also have all the results and latest greyhound news.

Irish Greyhound Board

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Commercial semi-state body which is responsible for the control and development of the greyhound industry in Ireland. They regulate all aspects of greyhound racing in Ireland..

Love The Dogs

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Bookings for restaurant, executive suites, trackside and party packages experiences at Oxford, Perry Barr, Belle Vue, Hall Green and Wimbledon greyhound stadiums. Includes special offers on admission prices.

Greyhound Data

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Overview of greyhound breeding and racing world-wide, includes racecard information for UK, Ireland and Australian greyhound race meetings, plus stadium information for each of the tracks.

Greyhound Scene

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Greyhound racing forum, covering all aspects from UK and Irish racetracks.

Dog Track

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List of greyhound tracks across the UK, including address details, directions, track records, the days racing takes place and admission prices. Also includes results from the previous days racing.

Greyhound Laying

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Provide two subscription services; Greyhound Lays and Greyhound Lays Lite. The main difference between the two services is the number of selections they advise each day.

Greyhounds WA

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Information about greyhound racing in western Australia, including fields and racebooks, results and replays, plus betting tips.

Greyhound Predictor

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Shareware greyhound racing prediction software. Enter the form variables for each dog and then view how their software predicts the race will be run.

Action Shots Online

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Greyhound photographs available as digital images, stock photos and framed or unframed prints. They have over 10,000 photographs available in their gallery, mainly taken at Brighton and Hove greyhound stadium, but also covering many other greyhound tracks.

Greyhound Trainers

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UK greyhound trainer database, including mini-websites for several of the country’s greyhound trainers.

Greyhounds For Sale

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Matching greyhound buyers and sellers for both the UK & Ireland dogs.

Greyhound Prediction

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Free daily UK greyhound racing tips. Selections are based on their assessment of each greyhound’s previous form.

123 Dogs

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Visual speed ratings for greyhound racing. The ratings are generated by their software program using an algorithm methodology. They provide free ratings each day for one randomly chosen race.

Greyhound Racing Today

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Information, tips, basics and resources aimed to guide you through the first steps in the world of greyhound racing and betting.

Greyhound Record Booklet

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Greyhound owners personal booklet for your pup, sapling or dog, where you can record details of breeding, schooling, trials and races.

Greyhound Racing Form

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Subscription service providing daily greyhound form for all of the days racing, sorted in excel format, to make it easy to analyse the data.

Greyhound Betting System

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Favourite backing system for UK greyhound racing. Selections are based upon their weekly updated stats sheet, combined with the software program they provide.


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Greyhound laying system that generally produces several selections each day. The selections cover all greyhound meetings listed in the Racing Post website and are posted free in the blog section of their site.