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I recently added a link to the Tipster Superstars web site to the directory listings. They include 3 tipsters on their books and the results shown on their site look pretty good. They offer a free subscription service where each day they send out a selection from one of their tipsters, so I thought I’d signup and see how they get on.

Each morning the free selection is sent out around 7:00am, also in the email is an offer to join all their services (I think there’s only 3 but the email always says 4) as part of a 90 day trial.  I subscribed on 25th March and have so far received 11 free selections, but alas no winners yet. It’s early days, so I’ll keep track of things and post a reply when I get a winner.

My main reason for mentioning them here, is they also send out additional emails promoting other systems and have been pushing a couple of systems fairly hard over the past few days. The results they’ve been reporting have been pretty impressive, so I thought it would be worth taking a look at them.

The first is the Star Horse System. On 1st April they wrote (no it wasn’t a joke):

Here are the full results for the last 7 days…

March 31st
2.00 Wolverhampton Spray Tan – WINNER @ 15.0 BSP
2.30 Wolverhampton Miss Buckaroo – LOSS 10TH @ 8.48 BSP
3.00 Wolverhampton Sbraase – LOSS 2ND @ 2.11 BSP
+11.3pts profit.

March 30th
2.50 Southwell Red Touch – LOSS 2ND @ 3.27 BSP
3.50 Lingfield Secret Witness – LOSS 3RD @ 7.95 BSP
5.05 Southwell Downtime – LOSS 3RD @ 1.71 BSP
-3pt loss.

March 29th
2.10 Wolverhampton Toymaker – WINNER @ 5.86 BSP
4.25 Wolverhampton Grand Meister – LOSS 5TH @ 5.1 BSP
+3.62pts profit.

March 28th
No Bets

March 27th
2.05 Wolverhampton North Point – WINNER @ 3.34 BSP
4.25 Wolverhampton Rockwood – LOSS 2ND @ 3.18 BSP
5.35 Wolverhampton Lucky Lodge – LOSS 10th @ 7.0 BSP
+0.22pts profit.

March 26th
No Bets

March 25th 
No Bets

The results looked impressive and as the system was only £37 I thought I’d buy a copy and take a look.

The system itself if very simple and will take no more than a few seconds each day, I do have concerns though that some of the rules are a little unclear and could be explained better. I emailed them about them, but as yet I’ve received no reply.

I ran the system through Friday’s race cards and came up with the following selections:

2:00 Lingfield – Van Huysen
4:20 Lingfiled – Planetoid
4:55 Lingfield – Bush Warrior
4:55 Lingfield – Noble Deed
6:45 Wolverhampton – Captain George
9:00 Dundalk – Sea Of Blue

One of the things I emailed them about was the 4:55 Lingfield race as I couldn’t see any rules regarding 2 qualifiers from the same race. Although I had no reply to my email they did send out a general email after Friday’s races saying what the full results were.

2.00 Lingfield Van Huysen – LOSS 4TH @ 5.24 BSP
4.20 Lingfield Planetoid – WINNER @ 4.8 BSP
4.55 Lingfield Bush Warrior – LOSS 4TH @ 9.4 BSP
8.00 Dundalk Coreczka – WINNER @ 10.5 BSP 
9.00 Dundalk Sea of Blue – LOSS 2ND @ 7.2 BSP

As you can see there’s a few differences from the horses I selected:

  • They only backed 1 selection in the Lingfield 4:55
  • They didn’t have Captain George as a selection in the 6:45 Wolverhampton
  • The had Coreczka as a selection in the 8:00pm race at Dundalk

I looked back at the Dundalk race to see why I’d not included Coreczka and on re-reading I saw I’d misinterpreted one of the rules (did I mention they were not very clear) and it therefore should have been a qualifier. I’ve no idea why the other 2 selections, I came up with (both lost) were not classed as bets and emailed them again about this, but no reply to that email either.

It therefore seems the only way to ensure you get the correct system selections is to take out their monthly subscription to receive them by email, but that kinda defeats the whole point of buying the system.

There’s one thing I spotted about the sales page for the Star Horse System (see screen shot below taken from their web page)


The red circles and comments are what they’ve added, not me.

These are supposed to be screenshots of bets they’ve placed using the Star Horse System, but bear in mind the system is strictly for All Weather racing only. How can they therefore claim Bangkok Pete running in a Handicap Hurdle at Ascot was a qualifier for the system.

Since Friday I’ve come up with 3 more system bets, based upon my interpretation of the rules (no confirmation received of the selections they’ve given out).

April 2nd
5:20 Kempton – Castilo Del Diablo – 4th @ 3/1

April 3rd
No Bets

April 4th
3:50 Lingfield – Flighty Filia – 6th @ 3/1
4:20 Lingfield – Diamond Lady – 2nd @ 5/1

Despite my misgivings about the profit claims on the site and the lack of clarity of the rules. There could be some potential in the system, so I’ll continue to monitor selections and report back how I get on. I’ll also comment if I ever get a reply to my emails, but I don’t hold out much hope on that happening.

The other system mentioned by Tipster Superstars is Bet Turbo. They reported the following profits from following the system on Saturday:

2.30 Kempton Georgian Bay – Loss 3rd (10/1 SP)
3.40 Newbury Surtee Du Berlais – Loss 10th (9/1 SP)
4.15 Newbury Cobra De Mai – Loss 2nd (11/1 SP)
4.35 Kelso Mondlicht – Loss 5th (17/2 SP)
4.45 Kempton Humphrey Bogart – Loss 4th (6/1 SP)
4.55 Uttoxeter Ratify – Winner (10/1 SP)
5.10 Kelso Durban Gold – Winner (14/1 SP)

5.15 Navan De Benno – Loss 2nd (9/1 SP)

Which was then followed up with the following on Sunday:

2.00 Ascot Midnight Cowboy 11/1
2.20 Doncaster Fisher Green 12/1 (WINNER)
2.35 Ascot Ashoka (Non-Runner)
2.40 Curragh La Fleur De Force 20/1
4.25 Curragh Zhukova 16/1 (WINNER)

Excellent looking results, so I thought I’d buy a copy of Bet Turbo. At first I wished I hadn’t bothered. The rules of the system were completely flaky. There was absolutely no way they could have been used to generate the weekend’s selections and I dismissed the system as a complete waste of time.

Then this evening I received an email from Barry, saying the version of the system that had been on the site was an out-of-date and he enclosed the new version. Apparently he’d been sending selections for the new version out to people who’d brought the system, until he’d got the updated version uploaded. I guess I purchased the system after he’d sent out today’s selections.

In his email Barry also said there’d been 2 selections today, neither of which had won.

The new rules make more sense and I can now see how the weekend’s selections could have been derived. But despite the excellent results, I remain unconvinced as to the long term profitability of the system. It just feels like it’s been too back fitted to work.

Bet Turbo also promote the option to take up a monthly subscription to receive the selection by email. Turns out both Bet Turbo and the Star Horse System are sold by Circle Media Limited.

Edited : 5th April 2016

I was intending to test Bet Turbo, but depending upon which betting forecast you use it will give completely different results, so the only way to accurately test it would be to use the selections they send out via the subscription service.

For instance today using the Racing Post forecast I came up with 5 selections, where as using the Sporting Life I came up with 4, all for different horses in different races. Then I received an email from Tipster Superstars saying there are 7 bets today, which doesn’t tie up with either.

If you subscribe to the service or use the system to workout selections, it would be good if you can post a reply below as to how it performs.

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