BOG v Betfair Prices – VRUN Update 8

The past week has seen a small loss backing at SP and BSP, but taking early prices, whether it be via Betfair or the bookmakers bets odds guaranteed, has pretty much broken even.

With the most recent bet being a good priced winner, it’s difficult to see on graph the extent of the difference between taking Betfair early prices and Betfair SP, but there’s now £60 difference between the two.

SP : -£148.48
BSP : £134.62
BEP : £194.24
BOG : £398.26

Best Odds Guaranteed profits remain well out in front, returning over double the profit obtained taking a price on Betfair. It seems the differences between the different odds are pretty much set now, so I’m proposing to wrap the comparison up at the end of the month.

Regarding the interesting observation I made in the previous update. Over the past week there have been 12 selections where the SP was greater than the obtained BOG price. Of those 5 won their race (which is 2 more than there had been over the previous 2 months) so possibly not such a good observation after all.


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