BOG v Betfair Prices – VRUN Update 5

With the Cheltenham Festival on last week I didn’t get around to updating the results of the BSP v BOG trial. So plenty of results to update you with this week.

Best Odds Guaranteed is now performing by far the best. Over the past couple of weeks the profit gap between BOG prices and BSP has increased from £27 to £77, while over the same period the gap between placing bets at BSP compared with taking an early price on Betfair, has reduced from £81 to £45. If it wasn’t for the bet on Ruler of the Nile on 14th February, which was backed at an early Betfair price of 8.2 and drifted to a BSP of 16.9, then the profits from taking an early price would be higher than backing at BSP, so it’s possible the position of these two could be reversed in future.



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