Bet Turbo – Update

I emailed Bet Turbo about which betting forecast they were using for the selections they send out, but as with the Star Horse System, I’ve received no reply.

They did however send out a list of yesterday’s selections (prior to racing). There were 7 bets of which one was a non runner and the rest all lost. From the list of selections I was able to workout which betting forecast they were using. The reason they had more bets than I’d worked out is they seem to be ignoring 1 of the rules laid out in the updated manual.

It makes no sense to ignore that rule, as it means you end up choosing between horses based upon their name. To be honest that’s not the only thing about the system that makes no sense, but that’s by the by.

Today they’ve sent out 9 selections, which tie in with what I’d worked out, if I ignore the rule that they’re clearly ignoring. In fact I came up with one extra selection, so not sure why they didn’t get that as a bet. It would be nice to receive a reply to my emails, but hey ho.

I’ve not heard anything direct from Bet Turbo, but according to Tipster Superstars the Bet Turbo site will close tonight and so today will be the last chance to grab a copy of the system. Not sure if this is just scarcity hype or if it’s going to happen, but either way I do not recommend you jump in and buy a copy. I’m pretty sure if you do, you’ll be disappointed like me when you see what the system rules are.

I’ll post a reply on here later to let you know how today’s 9 selections get on.

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